Ten Things You Need to Hear that will Convince you to Start Something Today.

Every time we make a decision we have a mini conversation in our head about what to do (unless someone offers you a chocolate chip cookie, then the answer is always yes). The voices in our heads never stop but if we keep the conversation inside and never put it into perspective by talking about it or writing it down, it can build up into a big foggy mess that paralyzes us from doing anything. Here are 10 things you need to hear that will convince you to get out of your head and start doing what you really want to do today!  


1. If you think you're too young

The younger the better! If you’re still in school and living with your parents then there’s no financial risk so you can experiment as much as you want. My guest from Episode 20, seventeen year old Campbell Erickson says:

“The really cool thing about being a young entrepreneur still in High School is that you don’t have to worry about your salary, you don’t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or having a roof over your head.”

2. If you think it’s too late

As long as you’re still alive it’s not too late. No matter how far down one path you’ve gone it is always within your power to turn around. Just ask yourself, is it a bigger risk to do the thing my gut is telling me to do, or is it a bigger risk to get to the end of my life and have regrets?


3. If you think you’re not good enough

The ultimate way to build a skill set is by experience. Not by taking classes, not by reading about it or watching endless hours of tutorials – Just. Doing. It. No one is ‘good enough’ when they start out, especially people like me who have ridiculously high standards for themselves from the get-go. You’re never going to be as good as you want in the beginning but that’s ok. Trust yourself, believe in the process, be persistent and keeping doing it, you will get there.

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

4. If you think you don’t have an original idea

Every idea is built upon other ideas. I really don’t believe there are any truly ‘original’ ideas. However, whatever idea you come up with (no matter how similar it is to something else) is going to be original because it will be executed by you, and there is no other you in the world. In the words of Brené Brown:

“You are a born maker and we need what you can bring to the world
because only you can bring it.”


5. If you think you need to have all your sh*t
together before you start

It’s tempting to want to invest in the right equipment or hire the best people right away, but when you’re starting something usually you don’t have the funds (or even the commitment yet) to do that so you must make do with what you have.

For example: If you want to start making youtube videos don’t go out and buy the nicest camera right away, just use your iPhone first and see how it goes. If you want to learn an instrument don’t invest in the nicest guitar or violin, borrow a friend’s or rent a scrappy one and watch youtube tutorials. If you want to learn to code you don’t need to go back to school or even enroll in community college, just sign up for an online seminar class to get you started.


6. If you’re worried about what people will think

Honestly, everyone is too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks about them to worry about you. At the end of the day it’s your life and no one has to live it but you so literally no one else’s opinion is more important than your own. As long as you like and believe in whatever you want to do, it does not matter if other people think it’s stupid or weird. It’s like that quote that goes:  

“I used to care about what people thought of me, until I tried paying my bills with their opinions" WORD. 

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

7. If you’re worried you won’t be able to follow through

If you’re someone who starts a lot of projects but never finishes them that’s okay. You’re not a quitter, you probably just haven’t found the thing that lights you up so much you can’t stop doing it. The only way you’ll find that thing is by experimenting and trying different projects out. The key is to always reflect. If you started something but never continued with it, don’t let it be a wasted experience, reflect on what went wrong and what went right, what you liked and what you didn’t like. Use that to inform your next endeavor until you finally find the thing that you never want to stop.


8. If you’re worried no one will read it/listen to it/care about it

If you are creating something that you would read/listen to/care about then I guarantee there are people out there who will too. It’s all about finding your niche audience and this might take a while so have faith. You never know if people will resonate with what you’re doing until you put it out there, so you have to at least try.


9. If you’re scared af

I think a lot of us struggle with this one the most. But this quote really puts it in perspective for me:

“Don’t be afraid of failing at the things that matter to you,
instead be afraid of succeeding at the things that don’t matter.”

Other things you can do to deal with and get over fear are:

- Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen. Then ask yourself, what’s the best thing that could happen? Usually the best thing outweighs the worst.

- Write your fears down. This is something I do a lot that really helps me. Once I get everything I’m scared of down on paper and look at it, I realize how silly and irrational some fears are and they immediately melt away. 


10. If Don't have a clear purpose or goal

 In the words of my guest from Episode 20, Campbell Erickson:

“ Don’t get too caught up in having a purpose, its really about doing what you feel at that time. Through building an awareness of yourself and your own message you will find your purpose.”
Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash