Five Things you can do Today for a More Positive Mindset

"If you change your mindset

you can be the person you want to be." 

- Stefanie Jung, creator of Wholesome Stef, Episode 19

Mindset is everything, it really is. What we fill our minds with is how we experience our days, and what we do with our days is how we live our lives. Here are five things Stefanie and I talked about in Episode 19 that will help you instantly boost your mindset and foster more positivity in your life: 


1)    Wake up early

I know you don’t want to hear this but I SWEAR it works. Waking up earlier makes you feel instantly more productive and better about yourself. Give yourself 15 minutes to an hour longer when you wake up, to do something for yourself (exercise, meditation, journaling, reading, making breakfast, etc). Take your time and don’t just rush out the door with wet hair and a granola bar, the morning sets the tone for the entire day so make it a good one.


2)    Eat a banana

Yes, eat a banana (they are proven to improve your mood) or just make a wholesome meal for yourself. When you eat healthy, nutritionally dense foods (fruits and veggies people!) your body will thank you. More whole foods = more energy, better mood, better health & an over all more positive mindset. Also, be mindful when you eat. Get rid of distractions, don’t look at your phone or try to do a million things at once. Sit down, appreciate your meal and enjoy the moment.


3)    Move your a**

If exercise is not part of your daily routine don’t worry. You don’t have to become a yoga guru, you can do something as simple as going for a walk or putting on loud music and dancing in your living room. However, I do recommend finding some kind of workout that you enjoy. Whether that’s a trendy class like Soul Cycle, or going for a hike, not everybody likes certain exercises, but everybody feels better after they move. PLUS, making exercise part of your morning routine (see tip 1) gives you more mental and physical energy to take on the day. 


“I work out because I love my body,

not because I hate it.”

- Stefanie Jung, creator of Wholesome Stef


4)    Do something nice

Write your grandma a card, have a real conversation with someone and really listen to what they’re saying, give a stranger a compliment, reply to that Facebook message your friend sent you forever ago, reach out to someone that made a difference in your life and thank them. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or cost any money, the smallest things can brighten someone’s day and when you make some one else happy, you are guaranteed to feel happier and more positive about life. Here's a really good example

5) Just breathe

I try to do this throughout the day when I get stressed or overwhelmed, and admittedly I have yet to master it. Sometimes when I hit a roadblock I think I should be able to power through it no matter how unstable, emotionally drained or physically tired I feel. DON’T FALL FOR IT - step away from the mess and take a moment to breathe. Every time I am able to do that, I regain my strength, realize that whatever I was stressing over is not as big of a deal as it initially seemed and I can move forward with a lot more ease and grace. Being able to master this skill and apply it to the biggest problems you encounter in life will change everything.


There are obviously lots of other things you can do to build a more positive mindset but I believe these 5 tools are the best place to start. Even if you begin doing just one of them every day, I swear you will gain a more positive outlook on life and improve your mindset in no time. The key is consistency. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so why not start now. :)