Why Failure is an Option - and a good one.

“Fail as much as you can while you’re young.”

- Darcé Stelly of Motion Matter Media, Episode 17

I’m going to be honest guys – in terms of academics and career I’ve never had an earth shattering failure. I was always a high achieving kid. Never failed a class, got good grades and excelled in all the activities I did. I was accepted into the only university I applied for (no, I did not have a backup school OR a backup plan), got into my major a year early and graduated early. I’ve been accepted into every program I tried out for (music camps, study abroad, leadership programs, etc) and was hired pretty quickly to the first professional job I applied for. So you can see why it was such a surprise to people when I decided to quit that job and veer off my ‘promising path full of potential’ to work on a little podcast that has no guarantee of success.

But that’s exactly the point. I have no idea if Be Real is going to be a success or not, or even how I’m going to financially support myself next month – but risking that failure is so worth it.


“Don’t be afraid of failing at the things that matter, instead be afraid of succeeding at the things that don’t matter.”


It might sound crazy, but one of my huge goals of 2016 is to experience failure and learn to embrace it – no matter how big or small. 

Didn’t get that job, ok it wasn’t mean to be – what’s next?
The podcast is decreasing in download numbers!? What am I doing wrong that I need to change? 
That guest I REALLY wanted on the show didn’t get back to me after I contacted them for the millionth time. Fine, time to start looking for other guests.

The more we fail, the more we gain the tools to look at it less as a setback and more as a learning experience to help us move forward. Here are three things I am trying to do more that put me at a greater risk of failure. You can try them too:


1)    GTFO of your comfort zone.

   Examples: take a challenging new fitness class, travel to a new city alone, go to that dinner      your friend invited you to where you don’t know anyone

2)    Put yourself out there. 

Examples: Share your story or your work online, reach out to people you’ve never met before to grab a coffee and chat, be more honest with friends and family about what you’re struggling with instead of only telling them what’s great in your life

3)    Don’t think too much, just do it.

Examples: Hit Publish even though you’re worried no one will read your blog post, Keep pursuing music even though the self-doubt in the back of your head says ‘who’s going to listen to these songs?’ Stop searching for the perfect Squarespace template – just choose one, you will make it work.


the possibility of failure is what makes success fulfilling.


If you guys have your own failure stories or tips, if you liked this blog or totally hated it, I want to know! Leave a comment below :)